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57 Oldsmobile 88 Restoration

1957 Oldsmobile Two Door Sedan

The Making of One Fine 1957:

  The front clip was disassembled and all chrome removed. Then the outer metal was bead blasted.
  The key to every project is take pictures of everything for documentation and future reference when re-assembling. Cowl components are completely removed, all cleaned, media blasted and then painted. After paint curing, components are moved into storage awaiting final assembly. The motor was removed and completely rebuilt.
  The entire interior is removed and the floor inspected for problem areas. Rusted floors look solid at first but after media blasting the areas requiring attention will be clearly seen. This car was in need of a complete new or rust free original floor
  Upon first inspection the trunk floor was thought to be savable, but after media blasting, the main floor body had numerous pin holes and the entire floor had to be replaced.
  The original trunk floor is removed after taking careful measurements and prepared for the rust free floor.
  The bead blasting left a thin layer of original paint material which was removed by sanding. The cleaned metal is chemically washed to take care of  any rust pits then followed up with a conversion coating for acceptance of epoxy primer. The body was removed from the frame for  total vehicle restoration.
  After several hand blocking, all dents and metal imperfections are removed. The outer and under body is painted with the pro set. Some chrome installed and all cowl components are now installed.
  The frame was completely disassembled with all suspension components rebuilt or replaced with new. Each frame component was media blasted, epoxy primed and painted to the correct gloss specifications.
  Frame was reassembled and ready to accept the main body.
  The body and frame are carefully re-aligned and joined together again making sure all the shims are installed in their correct place. The engine and wiring harnesses are connected. Front clip installed followed with starting the engine for the first time. The door glass and interior where installed next. Then came all the miscellaneous and meticulous detail finishing touches to produce a show winner.
  A well detailed engine compartment helps define the show winners from the rest. Its the final and most overlooked area of a show car restoration.

Each Oldsmobile restoration project is unique. This 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 require an exact build to duplicate a fathers memory of a car he used to own.

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