1966 Mustang Convertible Restoration

1966 mustang convertible

1966 mustang convertible

1966 mustang

1966 mustang convertible

1966 mustang GT convertible

The car sported additional new colors, a redesigned grille, new instrument cluster, and new styled wheels. An automatic transmission became available for the “Hi-Po” V-8. Side scoops featured chrome trim with three wind-splits, and GT models received a new gas cap and driving lamps as standard equipment.

Ford offered a choice of four different engine configurations in 1966:

Vehicle Identification Number Decoder

Example VIN #6FO8A100005

6=Last digit of Model Year (1966)
F=Assembly Plant (F-Dearborn, R-San Jose, T-Metuchen)
08=Body Code (07-coupe, 08-convertible, 09-fastback)
A=Engine Code
100005=Consecutive unit number