Automobile Fabrication


Decklid hinge area rust through cutout.

decklid repair oldsmobile

Test fitting newly fabricated panel. The rust remaining under the panel will be chemically treated.

decklid repair finished

The fabricated panel welded in place. The decklid underside will now be stripped, chemically treated and epoxy primed.

decklid rust through

With the paint removed the exposed rust through can be clearly seen.

decklid rust through oldsmobile

decklid rust cut out

The decklid outer panel carefully removed while leaving the inner panel in place so a replacement repair panel can be fabricated.

decklid rust cut out 2

Once the outer panel is fabricated and perfectly fitted, a new inner panel lip will need to be fabricated as well.

decklid fabrication

The outer fabricated panel being tack welded in place.

decklid fabrication new panel

We prefer to seam weld our panels for strength and longevity.

decklid fabrication finished

With the welds ground to a smooth finished surface a water proof coating is applied followed by surface leveler, polyester resin and epoxy primer.